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Award-Winning Website Design

Your website and its design are what and who you are. It is something that we approach very seriously, and very strategically. Before we begin to design a site with you, we get to know the type of program that you operate, give it definition, brand your facility and highlight your key differentiators. This means that we must also get to know you, your facility and your staff.

Impressions That Last

The homepage of your website is like a billboard on the side of a freeway, with cars driving by at 75 miles per hour. It must make an instantly memorable impression and create a sense of urgency to act, by conveying quickly and efficiently what you do, how you do it and why you are the logical choice. The field is very crowded and we make great efforts to separate you from the noise, so that you rise above all of your competition when prospective clients, loved ones or referrers are researching facilities. We can tell you that most web designers don’t do any of this. They just don’t understand. We do.


Our websites are fully optimized for SEO, utilizing the newest techniques for ranking quickly and visibly. We insert targeted headlines, original photos and videos that create the look and feel that you envision for your facility, while creating maximum viewer impact. You have put your heart and soul into helping others, and the website that we create for you will reflect that passion and help to increase your census.

Website Design and Development for Behavioral Health Services


Our websites are also designed with mobile in mind. We know that at least 50% of traffic coming to sites are from mobile devices. So we work with Google to ensure that our sites are fast and mobile-friendly, enabling us to capture all potential traffic and entice them to remain on our site. We have heat mapped many Behavioral Health sites, we know what potential clients search and we make sure to give them what they want to see.

Navazon Behavioral Health is a full-service agency, with writing, photography, video, and design services all in-house. We work collaboratively to ensure that your branding, messaging and passion come through in every word, picture and video. This effort creates a powerful presentation that converts searchers into buyers.

Learn more by visiting our Navazon Digital Website Design page.