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From the moment we first meet you will understand that we are different. We get to know you and your key employees so that we can begin to understand how to position you in the market. We will help you define your clinical philosophy and your key differentiators, from this your brand will emerge and we will take these points and create a brand identity in your marketplace that will resonate and be memorable. Over time, this will help make your facility the first place people go when your services are needed. The brand will be consistent from the website, to outreach, to admissions, to clinical, to discharge planning, to alumni.

Brand messaging refers to the value proposition that you will communicate with your audience. It is usually the first message or collection of messages that customers see when they find your business. It is what inspires and persuades them to learn more and ultimately buy your products or services. Brand messaging starts with a slogan or tag line and may also include messages for headlines, call-to-action and more.

Your brand messaging must be crystal clear. It must be short and to the point. Your audience should “get it” immediately and relate to it. It must also be stronger than your competitors’ brand message. Navazon’s award winning copywriters will craft brand messages that are authentic, powerful and memorable.