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Not “Another” Drug Rehab Marketing Company

Navazon Behavioral Health was formed by industry-leading professionals to be the premier drug rehab marketing company in the US.  We come from some of the larger Behavioral Health companies in the country. When the opportunity arose, we decided to form our group to be able to share what we learned and strategically implement it with those of you that choose our services. Looking at our core competencies, we knew that we could help mid-sized and smaller sized facilities to help lower drug rehab marketing costs and increase census.

Drug Rehab Marketing

When it comes to marketing your drug rehab facility, you have to make the decision to either look for companies that do the following or have a staff to do the following:Drug Rehab Marketing Session
  1. Branding
  2. Website Design
  3. Website Copy
  4. Website Maintenance
  5. Collateral Materials
  6. Blogging
  7. SEO/SEM
  8. Social Media Posts
  9. PPC
  10. Traditional Media
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Admissions Coordination
  13. Tracking Systems
  14. Alumni Support
  15. Ongoing Social Media and Outreach
  16. Support for Events
  17. Clinical Outreach Support
Many facilities have chosen to split up these necessary functions between many companies and try to manage the outcomes. This can become a management nightmare. Especially when you are working with companies that understand the technical aspects of their particular assignment but they don’t really understand the industry.

In-House Drug Rehab Marketing

Our group all came from large in-house marketing and admissions departments. And we were fortunate enough to have risen to run these departments.  We had the people necessary to perform every one of the necessary functions so that all marketing was robust, impactful, and no marketing dollars were being wasted. Our team got to develop the systems necessary to track the most important metrics:
  • Calls to prospects
  • Prospects to viable prospects
  • Viable prospects to admissions
  • Admissions through to discharge
  • Discharge to alumni

Our Experience, Your Success

We believe what sets us apart is our experience and approach:

  • Our vast knowledge of all drug rehab marketing mediums and the attribution of those mediums.
  • Understanding of how all departments need to work in concert with each other.

This allows for the marketing dollars to produce at a higher level than a less trackable “shotgun” approach.

Your Passion is Our Passion

Navazon Behavioral Health is in the business of reaching as many people as possible for the lowest cost possible who need drug and alcohol rehab. We pride ourselves on under-promising and over-delivering services and performance to your needs. When you are successful, that success is transforming lives and nothing makes us happier.
Call us to discuss your marketing success.