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Admissions Consulting

Our experience is that calls and leads don’t really matter if your admissions department isn’t staffed properly, trained properly or even managed properly. We will come in and interview, observe, listen to calls, and then give you a written report on where we see areas could be improved. Our consultation goes beyond that as we see Admissions as the heartbeat of your facility, our goal will be to help you implement our suggestions to increase your conversion rate, operational acceptance and referrer satisfaction.
Navazon Behavioral Health is an industry-leading resource for improving your admissions department’s performance. Through real-world solutions led by our team of expert consultants, we help guide your management team to improve results and deliver value to your business. No matter your admissions department’s challenges and strategic initiatives, Navazon is ready to partner with you to map out the best course of action, utilizing over two decades of industry experience.

Improve Efficiency, Increase Census

Navazon provides clients insightful guidance and a practical solution plan that can enable your admissions department to improve efficiency and conversions.

Data collection, observation, and review analysis existing systems define KPIs for your facility create consistency in your admissions process

Real-time advice and guidance
• Onsite call monitoring
• Realtime training
• Training on refer-in and refer-out processes

Employee engagement & quality control solutions

Quality control monitoring, coaching and training programs coupled with high levels of employee engagement are key to running an efficient and cost-effective operation. Navazon can work with you and your team to create a more motivated and proactive workforce, which will be key to increasing conversion and census.

• Implement consistent monitoring standards and efficient team collaboration methodologies.
• Establish an effective coaching and development program.
• Apply proven KPIs to drive performance across your organization