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Behavioral Health Internet Marketing

20 Years of Internet Marketing Experience

Navazon has been in Internet marketing for the past 20 years. Navazon is a vertically integrated full-service Marketing and Advertising Agency. Over the past 2 years, Navazon has put together Behavioral Health Marketing Experts from large national companies. This has enabled us to be innovators and leaders in Behavioral Health Internet Marketing.

What is Involved With Internet Marketing

Navazon Behavioral Health has created a checklist that helps us determine where you are and what needs to be done to improve your internet marketing. This list works if you are a Substance Use Disorder facility, Mental Health Facility or Eating Disorder Facility

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The list is as follows:

  1. Is your website distinctive?
  2. What are your key differentiators?
  3. Is your site highly keyword optimized?
  4. Is your site user friendly?
  5. Is your site mobile friendly?
  6. Does your site load fast?
  7. Is your SEO being implemented properly?
  8. Are you addressing errors on your site?
  9. Are you periodically blogging?
  10. How are your social media posts?
  11. Does your PPC campaigns have the proper landing pages?
  12. Have you implemented the proper tracking procedures for Organic and Paid searches?
  13. Have you listed in your key demographic areas?
  14. Have you listed in your geographic area?
  15. Are you listed in the associated publications and governmental lists?
Once these questions are answered, Navazon can begin to work with you on your behavioral health internet marketing.

What to Look for in a Behavioral Health Marketing Agency

Navazon has been helping facilities such as your achieve increased census with lower marketing costs. Our award-winning and accredited vertically integrated approach to your internet marketing needs. Our in-house Internet Marketing team are all Google certified experts in SEO and PPC.
In-house award-winning copywriters and web designers allow for seamless and coordinated messaging and efficiency. When you put this all together you will see that we can help you reach more prospects at less cost.