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More Prospects at the Right Cost

For Your Behavioral Health Care Facility

Our marketing experience in the Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health, and Eating Disorder industry gives us a deep understanding of how to connect with potential clients, loved ones, and referrers. We are experts in local and national marketing campaigns utilizing all forms of media.

Get Clients Interested in Your Treatment

Your clinical philosophy and your therapeutic alliance with your clients are the basis for successful treatment and we can help further define this for you. This will become your language used throughout your marketing and treatment.

Increase Website Traffic

We have 20 years of experience in increasing clients’ website traffic, search engine rankings, and a thorough understanding of how all pieces of the puzzle fit together. We have expertise in SEO, SEM. PPC, Social Media and our real-time reporting allow you to know exactly where you are at any time.

Get More Viable

Making the phone ring and having prospects complete online forms are only the beginning. We help your admissions scripting and training process, institute reporting to understand the quality of the prospect.  This allows us to tailor the marketing efforts towards greater viability.

Expertise in Prospect to Alumni Journey

We are a full-service marketing and advertising agency with all departments in-house. We are behavioral health veterans.  We create systems and materials for all your departments. This consistency of message will ensure that all viable prospects turn into admissions and become happy Alumni.

Unparalleled PPC Performance

Having been in the behavioral health space for so long, we have seen what works and what does not. We do not have a learning curve at your expense. PPC is just the beginning to successful digital campaigns, and we are experts in all areas of the digital advertising world. That includes AMP Ads, Social Media, Video and Display Ads.

Traditional Advertising Works!

We are a full-service agency that has been creating and placing television spots, radio spots, outdoor and public transportation advertising for years. We have relationships and rates that most agencies just don’t have. If your budget allows, when coupled with Digital advertising the mix can dominate a market.

Your Client Has a Lifetime Value

We look at client acquisition differently. We understand the value of not only creating a prospect, determining their viability, and admitting them but also making sure that client has an attachment to their treatment for life. Our deep understanding of the client treatment process and discharge sets us apart from independent specialized agencies.

Real Time Transparent Reporting

Transparency to our clients is the key to our mutual success. We create online reports that you can access on your mobile phone that are in real-time so there is never a question as to what is going on with your marketing dollars. This transparency gives you the confidence in your marketing so that you can concentrate on your clients.

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